The food- and foodservice industry as we know it today will not change – it will turn upside down!Looking at 2030, consumers will understand their influence and share on the way ahead of us.

Being in the comfortable position to choose whatever food we desire, there will be more choices and at the same time limitations on the table. Especially ethical and environmental issues will come even more in sight, while individual behavior and needs fragment the food (-service) industry.

However, there is no reason to worry, because the chances within are plenty!


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Sascha Barby

Sascha Barby

Sascha's passion for food and the foodservice industry has driven him since he first worked in the kitchen. Projects abroad and the diversity of the industry have only increased his enthusiasm. Started as a Chef in various restaurants in Germany and Canada, completing his skills with an MBA, he now works at Rational AG in marketing.  Sascha lives with his wife and children in Bavaria near Munich.

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