Stress, fatigue, empty fridge or just meeting friends. There are many reasons why we go to fast food restaurants. There is nothing wrong with that – such food that is eaten from time to time should not hurt!

But when we just changed our eating habits for the better and exercise every day, it’s harder for us to eat an unhealthy treat that can harm our figure (which we worked hard on!). However, when such a situation is unavoidable, it is worth looking at the unhealthy menu. After all, even in the most respectable fast food there is always an  easy  version of food! We suggest what is best to eat in six popular types of restaurants.

1. Pizza with fresh arugula

Are you going to a pizzeria with your friends and want to order your favorite menu item – pizza Margarita or quatro formaggi? Nothing out of this! If you want to eat well enough, your pizza should have as little cheesy and fatty cheese as possible (not to mention “cheesy bacon”!). Forget the thick dough too, replacing it with a crispy thin bottom. Instead of the already mentioned iconic delicacies, opt for a pizza with a large portion of vegetables, always sprinkled with fresh arugula or basil leaves on top. The addition of greens will perfectly support digestion after consuming wheat and yeast dough! But baked tomatoes, peppers and zucchini on pizza will make this dish easier and more valuable for the body. In order not to consume extra calories, also give up thick sauces, which do not always contain natural yogurt, spices and vegetables.

2. Falafel and hummus

Do you think kebab is a healthy option for a quick bite in the city? Unfortunately, this dish is difficult to digest and greasy, no matter what it is prepared from. Other ingredients contribute to this as well – in the end, all this is wrapped in a wheat roll or pita bread and mixed with thick high-calorie sauces. However, if you really need a tape measure, buy a veggie falafel. Chickpea balls instead of cholesterol will provide your body with protein and you will feel lighter after eating. Don’t forget to ask for whole grain pita bread – many kebabs have this option. To do this, ask for ajwar instead of sauces. However, if you really care about your shape, your best bet is hummus, a healthy chickpea and sesame paste served with olive oil. Such a meal will satisfy your appetite for a long time without affecting your figure.

3. Fruity will ripen.

Going to an ice cream shop, you don’t have to give up the sweet pleasure over a glass. But what can you do to prevent a few colored pens from turning into a calorie bomb? First things first: put on your sorbet! Ice cream made from fruit and water is definitely lower in calories than ice cream made from milk and eggs. You will find more nutrients in their composition. Unfortunately, fruit sorbets, in addition to natural ingredients, also contain substances such as glucose-fructose syrup or artificial flavors (although there are fewer of them than in milk flavors that mimic sweets). Plus sorbents in the absence of processed fats! For those who care about their shape, another trick is suitable – instead of ice cream, you can order frozen yogurt with nuts and slices of fresh fruit.

4. Grilled chicken salad

What if you get hungry on the road while driving and only see the logo of a few famous American fast food restaurants on the horizon? Although we all know that there are no healthy dishes in such establishments, in crisis situations it is worth choosing the safest option from the menu. And don’t let it be a fake beef roll, butter fries, or a bucket of crispy breaded chicken. Instead, opt for a light option like grilled chicken salad or oriental wrap with a mixture of fresh vegetables and chili peppers. While these meals are not a healthy eating formula, they will save you extra calories and cholesterol. Also, avoid adding thick sauces to them – they contain the most fat and a mixture of harmful, hard-to-digest substances!

5. Raw spring rolls

Don’t have time to cook dinner, so planning to visit an Asian fast food? The choice for a healthy and less nutritious food is up to you. In such places, you should focus on boiled or stewed chicken rather than fried in breadcrumbs in bread crumbs. The same goes for spring rolls – choose raw rolls, a version that is not heat-treated, stuffed with fresh vegetables. Filling soups with, for example, soy noodles or coconut milk, or just rice with tofu and aromatic spices are also good choices. Attention! If you decide to eat sushi, it is best not to buy innocent looking maki with Philadelphia cheese. A 6-piece portion prepared in this way contains over 600 calories – for comparison, two whole burgers.

6. Corn burrito

Mexican food, despite the looks, is a good choice if you plan on eating out. In addition to wheat burritos stuffed with beef and cheese, these restaurants serve cornmeal delicacies such as quesadillas, tacos and nachos. Plus, the Mexican menu has a lot of valuable ingredients! When choosing what to put on the tooth, you should choose dishes with beans (instead of hard-to-digest beef!) And a creamy guacamole sauce, rich in valuable avocado fats. Also, skip a large dose of cheese in favor of a double serving of greens! Your metabolism will also be improved by sprinkling lime juice and parsley on the dish.

Photo by Janice Lin on Unsplash

Sascha Barby

Sascha Barby

Sascha's passion for food and the foodservice industry has driven him since he first worked in the kitchen. Projects abroad and the diversity of the industry have only increased his enthusiasm. Started as a Chef in various restaurants in Germany and Canada, completing his skills with an MBA, he now works at Rational AG in marketing.  Sascha lives with his wife and children in Bavaria near Munich.

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