SustainabilityEnglish Blog Posts
March 15, 2021

How to use sustainability as an opportunity in the foodservice industry – profit included!

The topic of sustainability has become a buzzword in almost every company in recent years, adorning annual reports, appearing in newsletters, and incidentally modifying one…
Food labEnglish Blog Posts
March 14, 2021

How to start a successful foodservice business – food labs as incubators for new concepts.

A small restaurant, a larger casual dining operation, ghost kitchen 2.0, or the dream of a successful franchise model: whether you become the next star…
Top 10 BooksEnglish Blog Posts
February 19, 2021

Top 10 books everyone in the foodservice industry should have read!

Whether it’s a classic or a new release, there are some book titles on the market that, despite audiobooks or content on Google, you should…
Vegan streetfoodEnglish Blog Posts
January 24, 2021

Why Part-Time Vegans Will Rock The Foodservice Industry In 2021 – And Beyond.

2020 was particularly hard for the foodservice industry and 2021 doesn't look any better. The good news is that businesses who survived the global pandemic…
Virtual kitchenEnglish Blog Posts
January 17, 2021

Ghost Kitchen – The fairy tale of the perfect solution

Ghost kitchens have been one of the dominant topics in the foodservice business in 2020, and not just since Covid-19. Successful concepts are celebrated and…
Stress as a silent killerEnglish Blog Posts
January 12, 2021

If Your Team Finally Falls Apart – Stress & Addiction In The Foodservice Industry

Yes, working in this industry is hard. The long hours and the stress are sometimes more than one can take. From experience, there are very…
Mom and PopEnglish Blog Posts
January 10, 2021

Goodbye, Mom & Pop! 85% may close forever – An Obituary.

The little grocery store with the strange opening hours, the electronics store next block where you can still get old spare parts, and the restaurant…
CreatingEnglish Blog Posts
December 21, 2020

Foodservice 2021 And Beyond – Dust Yourself Up And Get On Track!

2020 was the year of Covid-19. Restrictions, lockdowns, reopening… and lockdowns again. The foodservice industry got hit the hardest by contact restrictions and the forced…
KitchenEnglish Blog Posts
November 21, 2020

Stop the fluctuation nightmare – How to hire and retain talents

Finding good staff and retaining it is not only a challenge anymore; it is getting a serious threat for the foodservice industry. The average turnover…
Change for a better future of the foodservice industryEnglish Blog Posts
November 19, 2020

Covid-19 Positive: A Chance To Get Things Right.

You are right. It is difficult to see the pandemic’s positive effect and accept some of the change as a benefit, especially if these changes…
HolyTischEnglish Blog Posts
November 10, 2020

Grab the Bull by the Horn – Chances and Challenges for the Foodservice Industry / HolyTisch Convention 2020

The food- and foodservice industry as we know it today will not change – it will turn upside down! Looking at 2030, consumers will understand…
Food to goEnglish Blog Posts
November 7, 2020

The Evolution of Retail: Food-to-Go Market 2021

Retailers operate in a competitive, customer-driven and highly dynamic market that requires constant evolution to meet customer return expectations. In the modern age, departmental stores,…
Casual bitesEnglish Blog Posts
October 31, 2020

How to eat “right” in a fast food restaurant

Stress, fatigue, empty fridge or just meeting friends. There are many reasons why we go to fast food restaurants. There is nothing wrong with that…
DesinfectantEnglish Blog Posts
October 28, 2020

Challenges in the hotel industry: disinfecting the way through the pandemic

Now that travelers are cautiously eyeing hotels around the world again, hotel hygiene, security, and flexible booking options are more important than ever. Cleanliness in…
Gen YEnglish Blog Posts
October 21, 2020

Millennials – Generation Y and their Cultural Codes

In 2014, with the help of De:coding's science department, a study of millennials was conducted. The goal was to understand the emerging moods and new…
MoscowEnglish Blog Posts
October 18, 2020

Fresh Fast Food in Russia

Russians in 2018 began to visit fast food establishments twice as often. The average check of fast food lovers for the year has hardly changed…
Smoking banEnglish Blog Posts
October 18, 2020

How have Smoking Bans Affected Restaurants and Bars?

In July 2020, Thuringia and North Rhine-Westphalia were the last federal states to introduce the then new laws on smoking in restaurants and bars. Since…
MillenialsEnglish Blog Posts
October 17, 2020

Millennials are the next generation of professionals

In pursuit of success, it is extremely important for companies not only to attract, but also to retain young professionals . Those companies that help…
Cup of coffeeEnglish Blog Posts
October 17, 2020

7 ways to improve your business productivity

No need to work harder, work better: 7 ways to improve your company's productivity In business, the main thing is not hard work, but the…
EspressoEnglish Blog Posts
October 11, 2020

Health aspects of coffee and caffeine

Kitchen. Early morning. A cup of aromatic coffee is smoking on the table ... Does this sound familiar? According to statistics, 90% of the country's…
Food from homeEnglish Blog Posts
October 10, 2020

Guest article – How to sell homemade food

Thank's Maria for the guest article! 😉 There is simply not enough time and energy for all matters. Petersburg woman Maria Volodko saw this as…
Social mediaEnglish Blog Posts
October 10, 2020

Internet as a basic Tool for Promoting Services for the Hospitality Industry.

Moreover, the lack of a hotel site is perceived by the target audience as an indicator of a low level of the enterprise, regardless of…
TravellingEnglish Blog Posts
October 7, 2020

UK Tourism industry sustainable measures

In 2019, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) registered 1.5 billion international tourist trips around the world. Four percent growth from the previous year, also projected…
LeadershipEnglish Blog Posts
October 4, 2020

General Managers personal effectiveness skills

Management practice can be viewed from various angles: evolutionary, tracing the history of the development of management thought; from the point of view of the…
VirusEnglish Blog Posts
September 17, 2020

Market view – African Foodservice and ASF

In late spring and early summer, the old barns should be settled by new offspring. But in the village of Chapun, Ivye district, Grodno region,…
Buffet styleEnglish Blog Posts
September 16, 2020

Food in the hotel service

At the very least, we figured out how to catch hedgehogs, but life poses more and more questions for us. For example, hotel cooking. It…
Tourists on beachEnglish Blog Posts
September 13, 2020

Modern trends in the development of the hospitality industry

It accounts for 7% of total investment, 5% of all tax revenues and a third of world trade in services. International tourism has a huge…
Virtual reality glassesEnglish Blog Posts
September 6, 2020

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

How does it workThe amygdala, which plays a key role in shaping emotions, makes the brain react as if the VR image is real. In…